shop: Shopping app (online grocery store) asynchronous: Asynchronous 2-player game (no waiting for another player) bigfive: Big 5 personality test bots_vs_humans: Bots playing against a human participant (complex version) bots_vs_humans_simple: Bots playing against a human participant (simple version) choice_list: Choice list (Holt/Laury, equivalence test, etc) continuous_time_slider: Continuous-time public goods game with slider crazy_eights: Card game (crazy eights) dollar_auction double_auction: Double auction market ebay: eBay style auction fast_consensus: Fast consensus: Reach a consensus with your group before your payoffs shrink to 0. go_no_go: Attention test (Go/No-Go) image_annotation: Image annotation image_rating: Image rating intergenerational: Intergenerational/evolutionary game, passing along donations to future players, in a chain. iowa_gambling: Iowa Gambling Task live_bargaining: Live bargaining between 2 players live_coordination: Live coordination (voting with chat/negotiation) nim: Race game / Nim (take turns adding numbers to reach a target) panas: PANAS (positive and negative affect schedule) punishment: Public goods with punishemnt randomize_stimuli: Demo of different stimulus randomizations read_mind_in_eyes: Reading the Mind in the Eyes Test (Baron-Cohen et al. 2001) rockpaperscissors: Rock/Paper/Scissors scheduling: Scheduling players to arrive at the same time strategy_method: Strategy Method supergames_indefinite: Supergames of an indefinitely repeated prisoner's dilemma svo: Social Value Orientation Measure (SVO) tictactoe: Tic-Tac-Toe twitter: Social network (mini-Twitter) wait_page_from_scratch: Wait page implemented from scratch, using live pages. wisconsin: Wisconsin Card Sorting Test word_search: Word search game (multiplayer)